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Classic motorcycle mirrors - Pros, cons and extras

Classic Motorcycle Mirrors - Pros, Cons and Extras


Classic Original

A lot of satisfied customers gave their feedback on this mirror:



<What most people like about it>

KiWAV black Classic mirrors on Harley
Low Profile, Streamlined

Good low profile look and very very sturdy and vibration resistant.

These mirrors look awesome, they have a nice design and fit just perfect.

They look awesome on my Harley very streamlined and stay in place even at high-speed's.


KiWAV black Classic mirrors on Triumph
Don't Move

My bike (Buell aka Harley motor) has a very bumpy idle and would vibrate every other mirror lose. Not these, they stay where I put them and can still be adjusted when I need to.

They are durable and are good quality. They do not shake when riding or idling. Overall I love how they made my bike look!


KiWAV black Classic mirrors on Harley
Design & Finish

Unique arms make this mirror stand out from the rest.

Very satisfied with these mirrors. Installation was a breeze and they definitely made my bike look better being all black and stylish.


KiWAV black Classic mirrors on Harley
Well Built

Great quality, metal feels sturdy and well built.

KiWAV black Classic mirrors on custom Triumph
Good Quality Optics

The tint definitely helps with the headlight glare from other cars.

KiWAV black Classic mirrors on Vespa
Sturdy Aluminum

Clean and sturdy CNC work on the black aluminum pillars.

KiWAV orange Classic mirrors on custom bike
Cool & Unique

The mirror is very stylish and looked well on the bike.

KiWAV black Classic mirrors on Harley
Look Amazingly Cool

My goodness these things look and feel amazing!

KiWAV black Classic mirrors on custom Harley
Sleek & Strong

They are all metal and have one of the strongest mirror ball joints I've ever used. All without being bulky or having huge hardware on the back.

KiWAV black Classic mirrors on Harley
Very Stiff & Secure & Hold Its Position

The ball and fitting that hold the mirror to the stem are stainless steel.

They are built like a tank, stay exactly where you last positioned them.




<What most people don't like about it>

KiWAV Classic mirror glass
Small Size Glass

Small surface area but the convex shape of the mirror sneaks in a little more view of the rear.

If you are someone who is in need of a good view of what is happening behind you, these are not the mirrors for you.

You can try Classic Plus

Aspheric mirror gives you a wider rear view!

KiWAV Classic Plus mirror aspheric convex glass
Classic Plus
KiWAV Classic mirror convex glass
Classic original


KiWAV Classic mirror
Limited Range of Motion

I wish they were on different stems. It was difficult to get them to look equal on both sides of MC.


Limited Angles of Adjustment

They are small and have limited angles of adjustment.

You can try Classic MX or Classic Plus

Longer mirrors stem with an extra adjustable joint.

KiWAV ClassicMX mirror adjustability
KiWAV ClassicPlus mirror adjustability



<If you prefer the look of the Classic Original, with a little bit of extras>

KiWAV Classic original, ClassicMX, Classic Plus mirror series
Classic MX - Improved Range of Motion

Classic MX has slightly longer mirror stem than classic original with an extra adjustable joint.
It makes a perfect viewing angle all possible now while keeping the Classic original outlook.

KiWAV ClassicMX mirrors on BMW KiWAV ClassicMX mirror adjust on motorcycle


Classic Plus - Improved Range of Motion & Wider Rear View

Classic Plus has the longest mirror stem of this mirror series and an aspheric convex lens, which means the viewing angle is increased about 15°!

KiWAV ClassicPlus mirrors on Triumph KiWAV ClassicPlus mirror aspheric lens KiWAV ClassicPlus mirror is much taller than Classic original KiWAV ClassicPlus mirror is much wider than Classic original KiWAV ClassicPlus mirror increase your viewing angle KiWAV ClassicPlus mirror adjust on motorcycle



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