How to replace Ducati Panigale LED mirrors

Exclusive DIY installation ideas and tips for you for Ducati panigale led mirrors

Exclusive DIP installation ideas and tips for Ducati Panigale LED mirrors

Turn Signal Wiring

1.Remove two bolts of the mirrors, pull the wires off the hole gently and disconnect the wire plug.

2. Connect the yellow wire from Lucifer mirrors to the red wire of the plug and black wire to black.

3. Put the wires back carefully and mount Lucifer mirrors with M5 bolts and nuts. Then repeat the same process for the mirror on the other side. 

Running Light Wiring

METHOD 1: Connect directly to battery
Fastest & easiest, but need extra care when parking motorcycle. 

 Connect wires directly to the battery or to a battery tender leads.

It's the fastest and easiest way to connect the circuit. There is no need to change any setting of wires on your motorcycle.

But you'll need to unplug or disconnect the running light (white wire) of Lucifer mirrors while parked in the garage till the next ride, or it will drain out the battery. 

METHOD 2: Connect to 12V power supply
For expert

Take a feed off the regulator rectifier located under the left fairing, connecting the running light (white wire) of Lucifer mirrors to the red wire to get a 12V power supply.

Or spliced an existing 12V wires such as tail light wiring or unused GPS plug under the left black plastic cover directly under the clutch.

You could use a Posi-Tap or crimp connector, so there is no cutting of wires.
This is only powered when the engine is running.

METHOD 3: Add and extra circuit - WK003
Most flexible, turn on & off at any time.

Run a relay directly from the battery and add a switch to use as a trigger.
This is only powered when the switch turning on.

> Learn more about adding an extra circuit-WK003 

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