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Honda CBR OEM replacement mirrors

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OEM mirrors for older motorcycle models are hard to come by sometimes. Some of them are made EOL by the manufacturers even for aftermarket mirrors. Following models are made unavailable to the market but we still keep the info online just in case anyone need to get hold of them.

Honda CBR OEM replacement mirrors

Part number (L): 88120-MFL-003/ 88120-MFL-315
Part number (R): 88110-MFL-003/ 88110-MFL-315
VFR 800, CBR 1000RA 2009~2011, CBR1000RR 2008~2011, Fireblade CBR1000RR 2011, Hurricane 1000 CBR1000RA 2009~2010, Hurricane 1000 CBR1000RR 2008~2010
(The distance from center to center of two M6 mounting bolts is 40mm.)

Although OEM mirrors are not available, we do have other better performance, better materials products for people to choose from.

unit:(mm) FH300 Lucifer
Glass (L) 150 170
Glass (H) 90 85
Width 290 280
Lucifer LED mirrors


  • Two-tone color LED lights
  • Highly adjustabililty




  1. Two-tone color LED lights, various combinations of driving and indicator lights set up.
  2. Big enough E-mark approved convex mirror glass.
  3. Waterproof and dustproof LED modules.
Lucifer LED mirrors on Honda CBR
Lucifer LED mirrors adjustability
Lucifer LED mirror plate adjustability



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