How to upgrade your motorcycle headlight to LED? This is how I change my single halogen headlight into two LED lights

First, you need to remove your stock headlight, and find a place to mount the new LED lights. I use my old headlight bracket part as new bracket mounting points.

Measure the diameter between two mounting points and mark down on it for later use.

Cut off extra part with a grinder.

Drill holes to fit the mounting points to the bike( and mounting points to the LED light brackets(

Mount the whole kit back to the fork tubes mounting points.

Don't bolt the lights down completely yet, make it loosely in order to adjust the light angles.

Wire the fog light as low beam, driving light as high beam.
1. Use a crimping tool.
2. Don't forget to slip your heat shrink on before starting to crimp your wires.
3. Electric tape to keep it waterproof.

Make a full light switch test to make sure everything works perfect.

Tighten all bolts and use zip ties to fix your wiring and cable properly, it will give a clean look and also able to avoid any unnecessary moving or contacting with hot engine parts.

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Friday, 23 February 2024