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How to reduce motorcycle handlebar vibration

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Heavy Weights Bar End Mirrors

Motorcycle bar end weights are designed to reduce the handlebar vibrations felt by riders. The weight helps to reduce the “buzziness” riders can feel at the handlebars.

Retro bar end mirrors
Bob bar end mirrors
ViperII bar end mirrors
Stark bar end mirrors


Our product line for heavy weights bar end mirrors:

< Hollow Bars >

Inner diameter 14~20mm
(usually outer diameter of these bars is 7/8“ or 1”)

Inner diameter 17~24mm
(usually outer diameter of these bars is 1“or 1-1/4“)

and if you are not sure about your bar’s size, we also have a package that cover all of the range:

Inner diameter 14~24mm


< Threaded Bars >
(bolt holes already inside both end of the handlebar)

6mm bolts
For some models of these brands: Aprilia, BMW, Honda, KTM, Suzuki, Vespa, Yamaha, etc. Highly suggested loose those bolts on your handlebar and measure them before making a purchase.

We also have fittings for specific models:

Yamaha bikes with a 16mm threaded stock OE handlebar
MT series, XSR series, FZ1, FZ6, TMAX 530, SMAX, Majesty, etc.



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