What to choose for aftermarket fairing mount motorcycle mirrors

KiWAV full selection of sport bikes mirrors

Sport bike, a popular motorcycle type that builds for speed, acceleration, braking, and cornering.


sportsbike rider

Unlike street bikes' standard handlebar, sports bikes always equipped with a lower set of hand controls such as clip-on handlebars. This makes the rider's body position forward and his weight over the tank to reach higher speed performance.

sportsbike rider body position



Fairing mount mirrors

The motorcyclist's body position is very low when riding on a sports bike. In order for a motorcyclist to be able to see well, the mirrors are usually fixed at the same level as the rider's eyes vision on both sides of fairings.



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Carbon Fiber

This is a super-strong material that is extremely lightweight. It is 5 times as strong as steel, 2 times as stiff, yet weighs about 2/3 less.

ABS Plastic

High strength and impact-resistant ABS plastic is also a great choice. It's the balance between the lightweight & color variety.

CNC Machined Aluminum

Very well made by CNC machined 6061 aircraft-grade aluminum.


The E-mark is a United Nations mark for approved vehicles and vehicle components sold into the EU.
There are currently 28 EU countries in ECE, in addition to EU member countries, including Eastern European, Southern European and other non-European countries.

E-mark logo

E-Mark logo is a circular frame.
The mirrors could access to the local market With E-mark in any EU States and street legal.


Wide Lens

In the case of circular mirrors, The glass area is bigger than 69cm2, the diameter is longer than 94mm and less than 150mm.

Wide lens

Convex Lens

All rear-view mirror of magazi comes with a convex lens. It provides a wider field of view than a flat mirror.

Convex mirrors lens VS flat mirror lens

Aspheric Convex Lens

A 15° viewing angle increase with the aspheric convex lens. See almost zero blind spots and ride safer.

An aspheric mirror is a mirror that curves out to show more of the rearview and reduce any blind spots.

Aspheric convex mirrors lens VS no aspheric mirror lens

Blue Tinted Convex Lens

The blue-tinted mirror has the properties of anti-glare and contrast enhancement.

Blue tinted convex mirrors lens VS flat mirror lens

Special Sport Bike Adapter

KiWAV sportsbike adapter

The position can be adjusted with our adapter to best suit your viewing angle.

KiWAV sportsbike adapter adjustability front KiWAV sportsbike adapter adjustability side

Mirror Ball Joint (2 Types)

1. The ball joint at mirror housing edge

KiWAV mirror ball joint style1
KiWAV mirror ball joint adjustability

2. The ball joint on mirror housing

KiWAV mirror ball joint style2
KiWAV mirror ball joint adjustability

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