How to ease wrist pain on long motorcycle rides?

Cruising on your motorcycle about a couple hours you can feel the pain, the aching of your throttle hand!

The longer you ride the more it hurts, but you have to twist and squeeze the throttle to continue on your ride. What can you do to stop the wrist or hand pain?


Hand wrist pain -1
Hand wrist pain -2
Hand wrist pain -3
Hand wrist pain -4

Here are what you can try:

  • Pull over and rest for a while, do some exercise to reduce the pain.
  • Change riding position.
  • Get foam grips or shock absorbing grips



OR, you can try the quick and cheap way - the KiWAV throttle holder!

KiWAV throttle holder -1
KiWAV throttle holder -2
KiWAV throttle holder -3

It’s made of slightly flexible ABS and can be easily installed on the motorcycle throttle to create a place for your palm to rest. Then you can twist and squeeze the throttle in a relaxed comfortable position.


Installation: No tool required, just simply pull away a little bit and slip it on the grips.



Shop the KiWAV Throttle Holder


There are many more helpful small tools out there. Things that make you go Ah-Ha!
Not expensive, but very helpful.
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Sunday, 25 February 2024