What is the benefit of a motorcycle windshield? Do I need a windshield ? How to choose the right motorcycle windshield for me?

Do I need a windshield?
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* The windshield will make your riding comfort a lot better. If you are more of an around town driver, you probably don't need a windshield. If you put lots of miles on the bike, it would be worth it, along with a nice seat, to increase your comfort.

* I know exactly how you feel, I have always thought the worst (appearance wise) thing you can do to a bike. but I bought one for riding in colder weather, to keep the wind off. and planned on taking it off as soon as it warmed up. but as I found out I love the windshield so much it will never come off. get a windshield you won't get tired riding, because the wind isn't always trying to rip you off the bike. it is great!!!

* Good investment for any motorcycle -- I've driven on very long drives, and the fatigue of fighting the wind as you are zipping along the interstate or highway is one of the reasons. Plus, there are always things being kicked up by other vehicles on the road -- so this is just another level of protection for you.

* I enjoy riding with a windshield, personally. It makes a big difference at highway speeds, also great in the rain and when the temperature drops there're pretty comfy.
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Find out the right height for you

The best place to have your windshield set is right between your nose and your lip. It's gonna have enough height so the wind is going to hit it and reflect up and over to your helmet.
  • Put your hand between your nose and your lip.

  • Run your hand straight out.

  • The perfect angle of your windshield upper edge should be right there.

How to install the KiWAV universal handlebar mount windshield?

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Choose the desired size

KiWAV windshield size selection

Two sizes available

Easy installation and multi-angle adjustment windshield, perfect for your bike.

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