New But Old. 2016 Yamaha XSR900 Defines "Neo-Retro"

New But Old. Yamaha XSR900 Defines Neo-Retro - KiWAVmotors Yamaha XSR900 2016 with Achilles Mirrors
Perfectly blends classic style and modern technology.

Like the annotation "Born To Rule" that Yamaha made, 2016 Yamaha XSR900 is definitely one-of-a-kind performance street bike. At the first glance, you might think that it is an odd-looking cafe racer. However, you can't deny that it is desirable and hard to be ignored. Underneath that retro style body, XRS900 actually features a 847cc liquid-cooled inline 3-cylinder, DOHC, 4-valve-per-cylinder engine based on the FZ-09, also known as the MT-09, a heart of a beast. Also, standard ABS, TCS (Traction Control System) and D-MODE indicators are providing riders an excellent riding experience.


There is a lot of aluminum material to be used on XSR900, and most of their aluminum original tune is reserved, which enhances its classic and quality image. From many details, you can easily notice it perfectly blends classic style into modern technology.

Yamaha XSR900 Digital tachometer and speedometer - KiWAVmotors

Digital tachometer and speedometer.


Yamaha XSR900 Powerful Braking with ABS 01 - KiWAVmotors Yamaha XSR900 Powerful Braking with ABS 02 - KiWAVmotors

Powerful Braking with ABS.


Yamaha XSR900 Digital tachometer and speedometer - KiWAVmotors

All-LED tail and brake light.


Yamaha XSR900 Retro-designed leather seat 01 - KiWAVmotors Yamaha XSR900 Retro-designed leather seat 02 - KiWAVmotors

Retro-designed leather seat.


As a rider, especially a custom-bike lover, you must be familiar with YAMAHA "Yard Built" program since 2014. The "yard built" program started with the purpose of seeking brilliant customizers from motorcycle shops around the world to transform modern style YAMAHA motorcycles to a "yard built" customized bike with a character. For this amazing XSR900, the one who completed the mission is Roland Sands Design.


Roland Sands has won the 1998 AMA 250GP national championship, also an award-wining designer. Founded in 2005, Roland Sands Design is one of leading motorcycle shop in the world. They embraced "faster sons" philosophy, created their yard built special named "Faster Wasp". Covered with "bumblebee" color scheme, wasp-yellow and black blocks, RSD Faster Wasp with a sting successfully outlines the spirit of wasps and earns in the line of sport heritage.


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