Why do motorcycles have bar end weights?

Ever wondered what the purpose of those two big stubbles at the end of your handlebars is? These are what I thought.


KiWAV bar end weights reduce vibration

Vibration reduction

After turning the engine on, the vibration starts. The engine’s vibration travels up through the frame, fork, handlebar, and into your hands. It reduces a little once you start to ride, but It still will numb your hands especially on a long journey.

Bar end weights will help to isolate, or at least minimize the vibration. The more weight you put on the end of the handlebar, the smoother you will feel when you ride on the motorcycle. (Well...no need to put too many weights that you can’t handle)


KiWAV bar end weights protection


Take a closer look at your bar end weights, are there scratches from any unknown accidents or crashes?

Scratches might come from cutting through the traffic or a motorcycle drop, they are showing you they have successfully prevented your motorcycle from further damages. Bar ends weights are relatively inexpensive and offer great protection for the peace of mind.


KiWAV bar end weights Tower


Extending the length from the grips with different bar ends makes your motorcycle more personal. If you like two-tone colors, Bullets and Towers series might be suitable for you


So there is your quick look at motorcycle bar end weights. Just install them and enjoy your ride!


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Friday, 23 February 2024