Remove the original handlebar end weights from handlebar grips and see if your handlebar ends are as following:

A. Threaded handlebar
A. Threaded handlebar - KiWAV motors
B. Hollow handlebar
B. Hollow handlebar - KiWAV motors
C. Solid handlebar
C. Solid handlebar - KiWAV motors

If it's A,

Measure the removed handlebar end weight’s screw for its pitch and screw size.

When purchasing in our webstore,
the option “5mm bolt” means 5mm bolt with 0.8mm pitch (M5 x 0.8P);
the option “6mm bolt” means 6mm bolt with 1mm pitch (M6 x 1.0P);
the option “8mm bolt” means 8mm bolt with 1.25mm pitch (M8 x 1.25P);
the option “12mm bolt” means 12mm bolt with 1.75mm pitch (M12 x 1.75P);
and the option “16mm bolt” means 16mm bolt with 1.5mm pitch (M16 x 1.5P).

Table of metric and imperial - KiWAV motors
M8 - KiWAV motors
1.25P - KiWAV motors

If it's B,

Measure the inner diameter of the handlebar, if it’s 13~21mm, you could use the expansion bolt.

Inner diameter of the handlebar should be 13~15mm or 17~19mm - KiWAV motors
Expanding bolt - KiWAV motors

If it's C,

You’ll have to customize it to A or B .