• SD Card

  • I'd like to know which size of SD card the following product accepts. Is it a regular SD, mini SD, or micro SD? Does is accept SDHC type?

    Regular size SD card and it does accept SDHC up to 32GB.

  • After 2 weeks, the screen shows "memory full" and when I press record again, it records only for 10 seconds before being "full" again. How to fix?

    Memory full is because the memory card's storage are taken up by those locked files. there is "unlock all " or "format" from the device, will release those spaces to record again. To have the SD card set to always loop recording mode, then you need to turn the G sensor off, parking mode off. Or adjust the sensitivity of G sensor and parking mode accordingly.

  • I drive about 2hrs to work one way. Can this record for that time?

    With the free 4GB SD Card that comes with you can record 25 minutes in 5 minute increments. I use an 8GB card and I get 40 minutes in 5 minute increments before it loops over itself. By looping over itself it will write over the oldest 5 minute increment and so on. The max SD card you can put in is 32GB which should give you 160 minutes, so you should be good for well over 2 hours. Be sure to buy a SD4/32GB Card. It must be an SD4. I use a Kingston SD4/8GB and will upgrade to a SD4/32GB soon.

  • What is recording length of a clip?

    If you are asking about how long of a time you can record video, that depends on what size your SD card is, and whether you record video & sound, or just video.
    The 4 GB SD card that came with mine will record about ten minutes of video & sound, a 16 GB card will do about 40 minutes, a 32 GB card will do about double that, video only will be somewhat longer for each card.
    Also be aware that if you leave the G sensor set at 2G, as mine came to me, every time you shut the door(s) it will record a 1 minute video as a crash detected, and that file will not be over written. And will take 1 minute off of you time until you reformat the card. I know there is a delay built in to allow you to exit the car, but you may be opening and closing the doors or trunk or hood after the delay, I set mine to 6G and all is well.

  • How do I change it from a 5 minute loop , I have a 32g SD card and it only has a 2,3 or 5 minute loop time?

    Shorter loops link together to make a continuous move when loaded on to a computer and actually make it easier to load a wanted section. On the other hand you might be concerned about your camera only having a small amount of usable space available on the SD card before it erases previous segments.
    If this is so, it may be that your G-sensor is set to high and every little bump in the road is being saved as a protected file. Each of these useless files locks up part of your disc. After a while your 32 GB SD card may only have 1 or 2 free gigs or even less and the camera has to re-loop the only free space available.
    Try re-formatting your card and then TURN OFF the G-sensor completely (I found this feature to be more of an annoyance than it is worth). If this is the case your 3 to 5 minute loop should become several hours. If by chance any of the protected, locked up segments is important, you should download them to a computer before re-formatting.

  • May I use one card 64 GB?

    No. It specifies cards up to 32 GB. Better make it class 10.

  • My computer cannot read an SD 32GB SDHC class 10 card what is the solution?

    You can try a card reader.

  • G Sensor

  • We have periodically a CAR CRASH sign on. What does it mean? What we should do in this case?

    You have switched on the parking mode in your DVR and your "G" sensor is on. Every time when you open and close your car door, the "G" sensor captures the impact and activates automatically and records the event. When you switch on DVR it shows the "CAR CRASH" warning to inform you that some sort of impact on the car recorder. Please turn off the parking mode(or adjust the sensitivity), format or unlock all the SD card, and try again.