Welcome to KiWAV motors membership program!

Welcome to KiWAV motors membership program! Save automatically!
$1 Spent = 2 Points$1 Spent = 2 Points

Earn 2 points on every dollar you spend
to get discount coupon for next purchase!

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And more member-only benefits to come in the near future!

Earn on Every Dollars

You'll get 2 points for every dollar
you spend in the purchase,
and every 100 points can be
change to 1USD off coupon!

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Earn points
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Exchange for coupon

More Membership Program Benefits to Come
and much more in the future!and much more in the future!

Additional purchase withclearance price.
Member onlyhidden price.
Free new products to try out and give us feedback.Test & Free.

Start with KiWAVmotors membership rewards today!

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