Fairing fasteners rivet black 17mm

by Magazi
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  • Feature
    1. Make the removal of fairing easy and fast by just a quick turn.
    2. Can be used on both race and OEM bodywork.
    3. No more hassle of removing and reinstalling the fairing.
    4. Protect the faring from wearing out after many times of removal and reinstallation.
  • Material
    Base Fastener: Steel
    Fastener Pin: Rubber/ Stainless/ Zinc-silver
  • Size
  • Net Weight
    135 g
  • Color
  • Package
    Base Fastener x 10,
    Fastener Pin x 10,
    Rubber Washer (1.5mm) x 10,
    Rivet x 20

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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