Oil filter cap wrench with 76mm x 14 flutes

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Diameter Flutes
Oil filter cap wrench with 76mm x 14 flutes
  • Features
    1. UNIQUE FEATURE-- Remove the oil filter cap faster, safer, and easier. Even if the oil filter cap is extremely tight, KiWAV oil filter cup helps complete the job effortlessly.
    2. DURABLE-- 4.6mm thickness metal around the square hole. NO MORE CRACKED when you try to twist it hard.
    3. LONG LIFETIME-- Made from high strength forged steel for firm and durable, without the problems of broken in half, stripped the filter housing etc. (Hint: put a rag or sandpaper inside the wrench will help to grab filer tightly)
    4. PERFECT FIT-- Compatible for Harley Davidson oil filters with 76 x 14 flutes.
    5. USAGE-- Make oil filter installation and removal super easy. This KiWAV oil filter wrench can be used with 3/8" square drive tools.
  • Material
    Stamped steel
  • Size
    76 mm x 14 flutes
  • Compatibility
    Fit Harley Davidson oil filters with 14 flutes (NOT for models with crank sencor)
    Also fit for: VW Jetta,Mercedes Benz, Sprinter, Audi, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mazda, Kawasaki oil filters 76mm with 14 flutes.
  • Color
  • Quantity
    1 PC
  • Net Weight
    140 g
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