KiWAV motorcycle Fork Oil Level Gauge

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  • Manufacturers: KiWAV

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  • Feature
    1. A must have handy tool.
    2. Makes easy work of precision fork oil adjustment.
    3. Syringe makes it very easy to suck out extra fork oil.
    4. The adjustable ring measures the oil level from 0-290mm in 5mm increments.
    5. Can be used on downhill / MTB fork oil change too.
  • Material
    Syringe: PE
    Tube: PVC
    Metal: Stainless
  • Net Weight
    135 g
  • Package
    Adjust ring x 1,
    syringe x 1,
    plastic tube x 1,
    metal engraved tube x 1
  • Fitment

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