twin cable oiler lubricator tool for brake, clutch cable KiWAV

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KiWAV handy motorcycle maintenance small tools are things a motorcyclist cannot live without. This cable lucricator is made of billet aluminum, it's the best way to keep your cable lubricated.

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  • Feature
    1. Can efficiently apply lubricator to the cable.
    2. Made of billet aluminum, cable luber is the best way to keep your cable lubricated.
    3. The rubber is naturl rubber (NR), way better than others using silicon.
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    1 Piece
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    50 g
It might all look the same from outside, what's really MATTER is the material of the rubber.
Ours is natural rubber (NR). Others are using silicon, cheaper but will corrode after few uses of WD40.

Please must check before making final decision.

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A very good quality product, everyone comes back with very positive comments; however, there are certain models this product may not fit, Please check before ordering.