Sirius NS-2140 Driving Lamp with Wiring kit

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SKU: WK-003_Light-NS-2140
Best wiring solution for MAGAZI and NS-SIRIUS fog lights. Wiring diagram is provided in the following description

NS-2140 Driving Lamp NS-2140 Driving Lamp


Wiring Kit Specifications:

  • Wiring kit includes:
    1. Pre-terminated Wiring Harness kit
    2. Micro bug w/LED switch
    3. Heavy duty relay
    4. Safety fuse (15A)

  • Product Weight : 235g.
  • Wiring Guide:
    1. Be sure to follow the above Wiring Installation Diagram.
    2. To ensure all connections are secured and insulate to avoid contact with vehicle's body.
    3. Do not connect the ground wire with the battery.
    4. Please consult professionals for installation

NS-2140 Driving Lamp Specifications:

  • No. :NS-2140
  • Material : Hi-impact plastic housing
  • Color/Finish : Crystal glass lens
  • Mounting :Metal upright mounting bracket, zinc-yellow
  • Bulb Included : With Bulb(s).
  • Cover : PE white cover.
  • Light Source : Halogen bulb-H3 12V 55W.
  • Weight : 0.56 Kg.
  • Relector : Multi-surface metal reflector.
  • Certification : ECE Compliant.
  • Package include : 1-Piece  light ( no wiring ) .

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