motorcycle scooter round fish-eye black fog auxiliary light Magazi

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  • Manufacturers: Magazi

Very rare fog light of Magazi is the best looking auxiliary lights on earth.

WARNING: Colors may vary depending on monitor profiles and printer settings.

  • Feature
    1. Italian design, strong, solid and robust.
    2. Highest quality and easy to fit.
  • Material
    Aluminum (Housing and mounting brackets)
  • Shape
  • Lens
    Glass clear blue
  • Weight
    n.w.: 370g./0.8lbs , g.w.: 720g/1.5lbs (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Wire Connectors
    Spade type ( black negative, white positive , 25cm)
    Wiring and switch kit not included.
  • Light Source
    H3 12V / 55w (Very Bright)
  • Light Type
    Spot light
  • Mounting
    20- 54 mm diameter forks, very easy to fit ( inner rubber can be easily adjusted to fit perfectly )
  • Certification
    Emark approved
  • Adjustment
    90 Degree Adjustment

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