Magazi Round LED fog auxiliary light - black

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  • Manufacturers: Magazi

Very rare fog light of Magazi is the best looking auxiliary lights on earth.

WARNING: Colors may vary depending on monitor profiles and printer settings.

  • Material
    Heat Sink: Aluminum housing
    Mounting Bracket: Aluminum
    Protective Shield: ABS plastic
    Reflector: ABS plastic
  • Shape
  • Lens
    Polycarbonate clear lens
  • Light Weight
    n.w.: 630 g/ 1.386 lbs ,
    g.w.: 770 g/ 1.694 lbs (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Color
  • Light Adjustment
    90 Degree
  • Light Source
    High power LED x 1 pc
  • Clip Size
    39mm x 1 and 53mm x 1 included
  • Certification
    EMI,IP67 ( water proof ) ,EAE and ECE compliant
  • Fitment
    Multivolt (9-33DC) suitable for 12V and 24V vehicle.
    Mounting: 20-54 mm diameter forks, very easy to fit (inner rubber can be easily adjusted to fit perfectly), can be mount
    vertically or horizontally.

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