MG-7094 Round fisheye Fog Light chrome & Wiring Harness Set WK003

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  • Manufacturers: Magazi

NS-SIRIUS fog lights are built to last for a long time.

WARNING: Colors may vary depending on monitor profiles and printer settings.

  • Feature
    1. Multi-surface reflector.
    2. Crystal glass lens.
    3. Italian design, strong, solid and robust, highest quality and easy to fit.
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Glass
    Glass clear blue
  • Light Source
    Halogen bulb -H3 12V 55W
  • Weight
    Lights: n.w. 370g
    Wiring Harness Set: n.w. 215g
  • Color
  • Certification
    Emark approved
  • Packaging
    1PC fog light with bulb included
    Pre-terminated Wiring Harness kit
    Micro bug w/LED switch
    Heavy duty relay
    Safty fuse (15A)
For exact fitment to your vehicle please refer to your owners handbook or check the existing bulbs currently in your vehicle. The type of bulb will be noted on the rear of your headlight and also on the metal base of your existing bulb.
1. Make sure to follow the illustrated diagram.
2. To ensure all connections are secure and insulated avoid the contact with vehicle's body.
3. Do not connect the ground wire to battery (+)

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