Fist sandblasting chrome LED mirrors with Oi flash controller compatible with BMW

by KiWAV Magazi
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Oi flash controller changes the original lighting into a lively art performance by combining fade-in / fade-out type and flashing type light with different tempo combinations.
It's completes your custom motorcycle project to a full A+ grade. Package includes two Oi flash controllers and a pair of Fist chrome LED mirrors for BMW bikes.

Oi & Fist LED motorcycle mirrors feature

Oi 16 flash modes demo video

Fist LED Motorcycle mirror turn signal, driving light, in the daylight, at night, in total darkness
  • Feature
    1. Oi flash controller with Lucifer LED mirrors completes your custom motorcycle project to a full A+ grade.
    2. Very bright LEDs.
    3. Wider vision with convex lens and unique stylish plate gives it better look and feel.
    4. Slightly adjustable mirror plate.
    5. E-Mark approved.
    6. Easy installation.
  • Oi Flash Controller SPEC
    ♦ 16 different modes that can be applied to your stop light, turn signal light, hazard light, and decoration light.
    ♦ Operate in the voltage range from 6.5V to 16V. (Suitable for 12V vehicle power system)
    ♦ Ambient temperature must not below -20° (-4°F) and not exceed +85° (185°F).
    ♦ Works both for​ halogen ​& LED bulbs.
    ♦ Super-duper easy set up for LED lights. NO LOAD RESISTOR IS NEEDED.
    ♦ Maximum current rating up to 8A. (Suitable for up to 4 light bulbs with 21W)
  • Material
    Mirror Housing: ABS plastic
    Mirror Stem Connection: CNC milled aluminum
    Mirror Stem: Steel
  • Shape
    Diamond / Other
  • Glass
    Chrome Convex Lens
  • Mirror Wire Length
    250mm /9.5inch
  • Color
    Mirror plate: Chrome
    LED: Amber 8 PCS (12V / 0.9W)
  • Adjustment
    Fairly adjustable
  • Weight
    n.w.: 940 g./ 2.1 lbs. (pair),
    g.w.: 1090 g/ 2.4 lbs. (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Package
    a pair ( Left hand / Right hand ),
    Oi flash controller x 2 pcs,
    10mm to 10mm 1.5 pitch standard thread adapter x 2
  • Fitment
    Compatible for most BMW motorcycles*
    *For F650, F650CS, etc... the correct bolt size is M8 1.25pitch, please buy from "8mm for scooter" instead.
    *For K1200GT, K1200RS, R1100GS, R1100R, R1100RS, R1150GS R1150R, R1150RS, R1200C, etc... use an 8mm stem going through the switch box. Please buy from the fitment for "most Harley-Davidson" using the same way application.

    ATTENTION!Oi Flash Controller is designed to replace a 3-pin flasher relay ONLY (not for a 4 or 5 pin relay, it will destroy the device).

1. These are NOT plug & play parts, motorcycle electrical knowledge is required.
2. Although this device has been designed to significantly increase your lighting visibility, flash/strobe patterns may not be street legal in your area.
3. Newer Harley-Davidsons run the "indicator flash rate" through the OEM TSM/TSSM modules. You can not use Oi flash controller if the OEM TSM/TSSM modules include the circuit of your motorcycle.

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Measurement of KiWAV Fist lED mirrors with new generation light Oi flash controller

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