Driving On the Road has
Never been Safer & More Expressive.

Oi Flash Controller - a new generation vehicle light controller.

Can be applied to your stop light, turn signal light, hazard light or decorative light.

Do You Know ?

In the USA, rear-end collisions account for 31% of all accidents that result in deaths and injuries, according to statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Flashing brake lights can contribute effectively to preventing these kinds of accidents. Studies carried out by Mercedes engineers show that drivers' braking reaction time can be shortened by up to 0.2 seconds on average if a flashing red warning light is substituted for a conventional brake light in emergency braking situations.

You don't have to own a latest Mercedes Benz to improve your driving / riding safety. The Dazzle O or O Dazzle of KiWAV 16 modes Oi Flash controller has conventional flashing for stop light; it adds faster strobe along with the solid on stop light to greatly improve the attention of the drivers / riders behind you; and there are total 16 modes to choose from.

What is the Oi Flash Controller ?

Smaller size, powerful performance.

16 modes including standard flash or solid on.

Direct replace to the existing flasher relay.

Keep up with the beat of popular songs when hitting a break, making a left turn, parking at the side of the road, or just using your decorative light.

The best flasher in the market with the most functionalities.

A Better Brake.

A More Powerful Warning Light.

Show Your Mood.

Keep up with the beat.

Easy Installation

The installation is very easy. Just simply tap this controller module box in-between the brake light and the wiring harness, plus the ground, it's all done.

Oi installation tip

How to change modes

Simply power off and use the 4 dip switch.

How to change mode using Oi flash controller
Oi installation tip

Works both for halogen & LED bulbs

Against static electricity

Entirely load-independent

Against voltage spikes

Micro-processor based

No clicking noise

Small add-on, big difference

Rated up to 84W, 8A

6.5V to 16V

-20°C ~ 85°C


I frequently have to drive through construction zones on the interstate, on my way home late at night, often going from 70mph to a dead stop. I have seen more than one horrific rear-end collision where the trailing vehicle didn't even touch his brakes (too busy texting, most likely).

A flashing brake light MIGHT get following drivers' attention better than a solid-on light.

Getting yourself home safe,

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