Wheel black grips with yellow trim of a pair 25 mm and 22 mm

by Magazi
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It's all about the texture in your palms. That's what Magazi wheel grips tells you.
  • Features
    1. Universal fit most motorcycle and ATV with twist throttle.
    2. TPR soft comfortable grips with tire surface pattern for better traction.
    3. Pre-cut openings for bar end weights or caps.
    4. One 7/8" and one 1" ID grip with length 120mm in each pack.
    5. Ideal for cafe racer and streetfighter.
  • Material
    Painted plastic trim with *Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR)
    *ThermoPlastic Rubber TPR is best described a material which has both the characteristics of rubber and plastic. Typical applications are the hard rubber/plastic soles on many shoes or the rubber/plastic material used on hand tool grips.
  • Net Weight
    110g / 0.242 lbs
  • Color
    Black with painted yellow trim
  • Package
    One couple of handlebar grips of right hand and left hand
1. Please must check your throttle tube before purchase, our colored plastic trim is not extendable.
2. Apply some soapy water or rubbing alcohol inside the grips and that will make the installation easier.
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How to install grips on your bike handlebar?

How to install a grip on your handlebar?

Here is a Video Tutorial for you!

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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