Bob chrome bar end mirrors for 7/8" & 1"& 1-1/4" hollow handlebar

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2020 new version mounting adapter with heavy bar end weight! KiWAV provides a wide selection of stylish and sturdy motorcycle mirrorswith heavy bar end weight. It's the first thing you need to change to when you buy a motorcycle. Bob series, give your mot

How to install this bar end mirrors on your motorcycle

  • Features
    1. The improved expansion components provides a better way to secure bar end mirrors inside the handlebar.
    2. Give your motorcycle a sleeker profile without sacrificing functionality.
    3. A wider rear view vision - 4 inch E-mark approved blue tinted convex glass.
    4. Sturdy and durable - black painted CNC 6061 aluminum mirror stem and mirror plate.
    5. It can be mounted in 2 ways, standing upright or flipping down.
    6. Ideal for cafe racer and streetfighter.
  • Material
    Mirror Housing: CNC aluminum
    Mirror Stem: CNC aluminum
  • Shape
  • Glass
    Blue tinted convex lens
  • Weight
    n.w.: 720 g./ 1.58 lbs. (pair),
    g.w.: 905 g./ 1.99 lbs. (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Color
  • Adjustment
    Fairly adjustable
  • Package
    A pair of mirrors (left hand/ right hand),
    14, 17, 20mm expansion components-hollow side x 2,
    14, 17, 20mm expansion components-threaded side x 2,
    M6 bolt x 2
  • Compatibility
    It works on outer diameter 7/8", 1" and 1-1/4 hollow-ended handlebars with internal diameter (ID):
    The 14mm expansion components set is for ID of 14.5mm to 15.7mm,
    the 17mm expansion components set is for ID of 17.5mm to 20.4mm,
    and the 20mm expansion components set is for ID of 20.5mm to 24.9mm.
    If the ID of your bar does not fall in the range above, please contact us before purchase.
1. Can not be installed on vehicles having electronic throttle control (ETC).
2. Some bikes with solid bar need to drill and tap. Modification might be needed.
3. For threaded inside the bar end, please find the suitable set in our store, or leave the model and year of the motorcycle as notes before finishing your order.
4. Might need to apply some washers as spacer to avoid contact with grips. (spacers are not included.)
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*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Measurement of KiWAV Bob motorcycle bar end mirrors for 1 inch and 7/8 inch hollow end handlebars

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