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Magazi Black with carbon pattern rear view motorcycle mirror Deus is for most Harley Davidson (except XG Street series). Deus is E-mark approved. The mirror housing is made out of the lightweight reinforced plastic, and the stem is made of aluminum. 2 joints make it fairly adjustable, diamond shape with multiple facades, chrome convex lens gives a wide and clear view. The package contains a pair ( Left hand / Right hand ), 10MM standard thread bolt x 2 PCS, 10MM reverse thread bolt x 1 PC, 8MM standard thread bolt x 2 PCS, 8MM reverse thread bolt x 1 PC, 10MM to 5/16"-24 adapter x 2 PCS, bolt cap x 2
  • Features
    1. Base with the lightweight reinforced plastic body, a simple one piece, yet with multiple facades..
    2. Different shade of light brings a different color tone.
    3. Black can have so many layers, depends on which angle you look; at one point, there is even shiny carbon fiber pattern.
    4. Made for the black color maniac.
    5. Wider vision with E-mark approved convex lens.
    6. Ready to assemble with all required parts.
    7. Easy installation.
  • Material
    Mirror Housing: ABS plastic
    Mirror Stem: Aluminum
  • Shape
  • Glass
    Chrome convex lens
  • Weight
    n.w.: 470 g./ 1.036 lbs. (pair),
    g.w.: 545 g./ 1.2 lbs. (total package, packing inclusive)
  • Color
    Black with carbon
  • Adjustment
    Fairly adjustable
  • Package
    A pair of mirrors (left hand / right hand),
    10mm standard thread bolt x 2 PCS,
    10mm reverse thread bolt x 1 PC,
    8mm standard thread bolt x 2 PCS,
    8mm reverse thread bolt x 1 PC,
    10mm to 5/16"-24 adapter x 2 PCS,
    bolt cap x 2
  • Compatibility
    Compatible for BMW R18 series models
    Compatible for most Harley-Davidson motorcycles*
    *For XG Street models, please check the fitment "Street 750/500" instead.
    *For '21 later Revolution® Max engine-equipped models, Nightster, Pan America, etc..., the correct bolt size is M10 1.25 pitch, please check the fitment for "10mm for metric bikes".
    Harley Davidson
KiWAV, kiwavMirror, kiwavmotor, motorcycle, Deus, DeusHarley, naked, black, carbon pattern, 5/16inch

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Measurement of KiWAV motorcycle mirrors Deus for Harley Davidson

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