Royal Rods RY-2229 connecting rod compatible with Yamaha YZ65 '18-'20

by Royal Rods
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SKU: RL-YZ65-2018
EAN: 0680577070370
  • Part Number: RY-2229
  • OEM Part Number: BR8116510000
  • Compatibility: Compatible for Yamaha YZ65 2018-2021
  • Material: Double forged heavy duty AISA or SCM420H case harden chromoly
  • Package: Forged connecting rod x 1, big end bearing x 1, small end bearing x 1, crank pin x 1, washer x 2
  • Net Weight: 194g
  • Total Weight: 218g (total package,included packing)

  • ITEM NO. A B C D E unit: mm
    RY-2229 26 18 92 14 14 PIN: Ø18*43.4
    WASHER: Ø20?Ø31*1.0
    BIG END BEARING: 18*26*13.8
    SMALL END BEARING: 12*16*14.8

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