Petal blue bar end mirrors for bicycle a pair

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MAGAZI provides a wide selection of stylish and sturdy motorcycle mirrors. It's the first thing you need to change to when you buy a motorcycle. The very beautiful, very find made bar end mirror, for those very picky mind and very picky eyes.
  • Feature
    1. Stylish look.
    2. High adjustable.
  • Material
    Mirror Plate: ABS Mirror Stem: high impact plastic (PAGF 30%) Internal Bar Expansion Mount: high impact plastic (PAGF 30%)
  • Net Weight
    220 g
  • Fitment
    fits all bicycles handlebar internal diameter of 14.5 mm-16.5 mm, 18 mm-19.5 mm, 7/8" handlebar
  • Color
  • Glass
    320R convex for optimal view
  • Shape
    Oval / Other
  • Adjustment
    high adjustable ( two adjusting joints )
  • Package
    pair of bar end mirrors

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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