Finger ratchet tool set

by KiWAV
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The KiWAV finger ratchet set is great for use in tight spaces where standard ratchets can't fit and high torque isn't needed. This set comes with 5 commonly used Metric 1/4" drive sockets and a 50mm extension bar for added reach.
The set also includes a bit adapter that enables the included bits to be used as bit sockets offering the versatility of 10 with just 1 socket.
  • Feature
    1. Compact enough to fit in your pocket.
    2. Fits tight areas that standard ratchets can't reach and high torque isn't needed.
    3. Ideal for low torque and high speed applications.
    4. Heavy duty chrome molybdenum steel anvil, grooved nonslip grip.
    5. Comes with a container.
  • Material
    Chrome molybdenum steel anvil
    Grooved nonslip grip
  • Package
    1/4" finger ratchet x 1
    1/4"x50mm extension bar x 1
    bit adapter x 1
    1/4" socket (6, 8, 9, 10, 12mm) x 5
    1/4" bit (Philip 1,2,3, SL 3,4,5,6, Hex 3,4,5) x 10
  • Net Weight
  • Fitment
    1/4" drive

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

KiWAV Measurement graph of 18 pcs quick finger ratchet tools kits for 1/4 drive

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