Hydraulic brake/ clutch bleeder

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The KiWAV brake bleeder is a one-way check valve.
This tool allows air and brake fluid to escape, but will not allow air to re-enter the system.
  • Feature
    1. Designed to aid in the bleeding and servicing of hydraulic brake or clutch systems.
    2. Accomplish brake bleeding on your own.
    3. Valve will stop air from getting back into the bleeder.
    4. Fits M8~M11 (5/16", 3/8") bleed screw.
  • Material
    Clamp, Valve: Aluminum
    Tube: PVC
  • Size
    (Hose)IN: ID 4.5mm, OD 7mm x 6"
    (Hose)OUT: ID 5.5mm, OD 9mm x 14"
  • Net Weight
  • Package
    Check valve x 1,
    Hose clamp x 4,
    Hose x 2
  • Fitment
    Fits M8~M11 (5/16", 3/8") bleed screw.
1. Make sure you pump all of those initial bubbles through the bleeder valve to properly prime it.
2. Hold the hose on the brake's bleed fitting with clip.
3. This tool will not bleed air from a dry system.

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

KiWAV Measurement graph of motorcycle hydraulic brake clutch bleeder

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