Rim protector + air valve puller

by KiWAV
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SKU: KR-K398-rimvalvepuller
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KiWAV handy motorcycle maintenance small tools are things a motorcyclist cannot live without. This tire set of rim protector and air valve puller will help the job big time!
Air Valve Puller
  • No more fishing for valve stem after the tube and tire are mounted
  • Make insertion of the valve stem a cinch and reduce the chance of a pinched tube
  • Simply thread the puller through the valve hole in the rim, screw the cap onto the valve stem of the inner tube, seat the tube inside the tire and once the second tire bead is in place, simply pull the valve stem into place.
  • Handy for tire changes and flat repairs
  • Material : Grip (Aluminium) / Core (Cooper)
  • Fitment : For all Motorcycles
  • Quantity : 1 Piece
  • Measurement :Refer Photo
  • Net Weight : 40 g.

Rim Protector
  • Made with new nylon material
  • Very pliable and durable l, #1 best seller in Japan
  • ?Fits comfortably on the rim with good protection, making tire change a whole lot easier
  • Material :PE
  • Fitment : Universal
  • Quantity : Refer Photo
  • Net Weight : 55 g.

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