throttle cable repair and twin cable lubricator kit

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SKU: KR-K399-repairekitlubricator
KiWAV handy motorcycle maintenance small tools are things a motorcyclist cannot live without. This cable set of kit and lubricator will help the cable job in a big way!

Motorcycle Throttle Cable Repair Kit
  • Material : Wire(Stainless) / Nipple(Cooper)
  • Fitment : Universal
  • Measurement : Clutch Cable 200 cm, Brake Cable 200 cm(63 inches)
  • Quantity : 1 * Piece Clutch cable ,1* Piece Brake Cable, 9 clamp of nipples
  • Net Weight: 40 g.

Twin Cable Luber
  • Made of billet aluminum, cable luber is the best way to keep your cable lubricated.
  • an efficiently apply lubricator to the cable
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Fitment : Universal
  • Quantity : 1 piece
  • Net Weight : 50 g.

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