Cleaning brush set

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SKU: KR-K452-maintenancebrushes
  • Feature
    1. A must have handy tool.
    2. Ergonomic handles with comfortable grip.
    3. Brass brush and stainless steel brush make cleaning an easy job for rusty spot and heavy oil stain.
    4. 5 pieces of brush set with different usages, from simple cleaning jobs in difficult areas to engine parts ex: carburetor cleaning.
  • Material
    Handlebar: Plastic
    Brush: Nylon, Brass, Stainless
  • Color
  • Net Weight
    185 g
  • Fitment
  • Package
    Set includes 5 pieces (each color stands for different function)
    Yellow: Long Nylon brush (general purpose, can also be used on outside of engine)
    Black: Nylon brush (oblique angle design, suitable for small area)
    Blue: Nylon brush (general purpose use)
    Green: Brass cleaning brush (for removing rusty spot)
    Red: Stainless steel cleaning brush (for cleaning inside of carburetor)
1. Not to use on the surface of your bike, it scratches.
2. Nylon brushes can only be used when engine temperature is cool.

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

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