knurled aluminum mirror hole block-offs small size compatible with BMW M10 P1.5

by KiWAV
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KiWAV mirror hole block-offs give a clean and neat look when no longer using the handlebar mount mirrors.
  • Features
    1. Well made billet anodized aluminum motorcycle mirror block offs.
    2. The knurled head design makes installation quick and easy just with your bare hands.
    3. Washer covers the corrosion and completes the look.
    4. It is always a good idea to block the mirror hole with our block-offs when changing from handlebar-mounted mirrors to bar end mirrors.
  • Material
    Billet aluminium
  • Net Weight
    10g / 0.022 lbs
  • Color
  • Package
    Mirror hole plug M10 1.5P x 2,
    washer x 2
  • Compatibility
    For BMW motorcycles
1. Please ensure that you have checked both side size and thread rotation direction of your mirror bolts, if you are not so sure, please contact us before purchasing.
2. Easy way to check your bolts:
Standard thread - clockwise makes bolt tighter.
Reverse thread - clockwise makes bolt looser.

*Please allow measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Measurement of KiWAV motorcycle mirror hole block-offs for BMW

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