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KiWAV Magazi Medusa MX for sportsbike in Russia

65N round bar end mirror titanium gold (right hand)

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  • Manufacturers: Magazi

MAGAZI provides a wide selection of stylish and sturdy motorcycle mirrors. It's the first thing you need to change to when you buy a motorcycle. The very beautiful, very find made bar end mirror, for those very picky mind and very picky eyes.

WARNING: Colors may vary depending on monitor profiles and printer settings.

  • Feature
    1. 2 position to place bar ends mirror, bottom and upper.
    2. 320R chrome convex lens for optimal view.
    3. 11 colors available.
    4. Stylish and clean look.
    5. Perfect compliment to your bike.
  • Material
    CNC machined aluminum mirror, stem and internal bar expansion mounts
  • Shape
  • Glass
    320R chrome convex lens
  • Weight
    n.w.: 130g/ 0.29 lbs
  • Color
    Titanium gold
  • Adjustment
    High adjustable (ball joint)
  • Package
    Right hand side bar end mirror(upper way) x1,
    tool, spare bolts
Only for outside diameter 7/8" or 1" handlebar with a hollow thread less inner.
Because of the small dimensions of the mirror glass, this product must only be fitted for racing or show purposes.

Please must check before making final decision.

We have measured this product as accurately as possible for your information.
A very good quality product, everyone comes back with very positive comments; however, there are certain models this product may not fit, Please check before ordering.