Best thing since the drill press. It's a MUST HAVE along with your new handlebar!
To replace a stock handlebar with a new one, you will need to drill new holes into the new handlebar.

There are always holes into stock bars to keep the controls from twisting. Control assemblies have tabs that fit in the holes. It’s very difficult to make a hole through a rounded surface, the drill bit or the handlebar itself will wander away easily. You can try to make a punch mark first so the drill bit will not get so far away. But the handlebar will roll away from you still, it will be frustrating if you try to hold the handlebar in place.

You can use a V-block or a bench vise to help you finish this job. Or you can try KiWAV handlebar drill tool.


KiWAV handlebar drill tool

It’s a small tool that won’t take up much space of your toolbox, and it can do a perfect job to make a clean and straight hole into your handlebar.

Just make a mark with a marker, clamp the KiWAV handlebar drill tool in place and tighten evenly with an Allen wrench, then proceed to drill the hole with a portable drill bit through the center hollow drill guide bolt.

It makes the job so easy, and it saves your time and money to a local motorcycle shop. It is a very budget and useful tool to add to your toolbox, to make your feature motorcycle project.


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Not expensive, but very helpful.
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