Below are demos of payment flow when paying through Paypal Debit/Credit Card.
The payment is authorized and executed only when you complete all the payment steps in PayPal.
*For some countries, Paypal guest checkout (pay with a card) is not available due to local banking regulations.


Please following the steps to checkout:

  1. Choose "Debit/ Credit Card" at "PAY WITH" section in the cart.
    Choose debit/ credit card

  3. Click "Continue to checkout with PayPal".
    KiWAV button - Continue to checkout with PayPal

  5. After redirecting to the PayPal site, click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button.
    PayPal buttons

  7. Enter your email address and click "Continue to Payment" button.
    Enter your email address

  9. Remember to turn off "Save info & create your PayPal account",
    then a "Pay Now" or "Continue as Guest" button will show up.
    *Your payment will be accessed and completed only after this step.
    *It is important to remember that cards attached to a PayPal account cannot be used for this type of payment.
    PayPal buttons

  11. After completing the payment, you will be redirected back to the KiWAV Motors' thank you page.
    PayPal buttons