Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), you may experience shipping delays.

Other than that, many post offices worldwide have announced a temporary suspension of the acceptance of international mail for EMS, airmails and all types of mails. This change is due to a significant decline in flights and various safety measures being put in place to counteract this pandemic.

If your country is affected, please checkout with express couriers, express couriers are still able to make the delivery to you. It would not be expedited like normal days, but the parcel will certainly be delivered to you under this difficult circumstance worldwide.

last updated 2020/12/4

Asia Europe Africa Americas Oceania
1 Qatar Cyprus Cameroon Ecuador Nauru
2 Iran Ireland Congo Dem.Rep. Venezuela Solomon Is.
3 Mongolia Ukraine Congo Rep. Paraguay Tahiti Is.
4 Saudi Arabia Moldova Cote d’lvoire Colombia Fiji
5 Lebanon Malta Togo Argentina Papua New Guinea
6 Kuwait Belarus Rwanda Guatemala New Zealand
7 Pakistan Estonia Madagascar Peru. Australia
8 Kazakhstan Luxembourg Benin Uruguay Guam
9 Jordan Spain Burundi Panama Hawaii
10 Turkmenistan Georgia Ghana Honduras
11 Azerbaijan Greece Ethiopia Jamaica
12 Sri Lanka Hungary Egypt Bolivia
13 Kyrgyzstan Belgium Morocco Trinidad and Tobago
14 Uzbekistan Czech Rep. Tanzania Brazil
15 India Italy Sierra Leone El Salvador
16 Bangladesh Switzerland Nigeria Chile
17 United Arab
Finland Kenya Mexico
18 Tajikistan Iceland Mauritius Dominican Rep.
19 Oman Portugal South Africa Costa Rica
20 Bahrain Slovenia Senegal Nicaragua
21 Brunei Sweden Canada
22 Laos Russia
23 Armenia Latvia
24 Turkey Slovak Rep.
25 Israel Romania
26 Myanmar Bulgaria
27 Bhutan Croatia
28 Cambodia Lithuania
29 Philippines Austria
30 Serbia