Who has the best bar end mirror? Triumph or Ducati? Triumph bar end mirror V.S. Ducati bar end mirror

Triumph bar end mirror vs Ducati bar end mirror

I’ve wanted to change to a different style of mirror for sometime. I googled it online, most bar end mirrors seem very small, some are stylish but having the risk of not really being able to see well. I came across Triumph stock bar end mirror, it’s a big size round mirror , should be able to see the rear real good.

I asked my Triumph friend out for a test ride. It’s exactly what I was looking for, except for one thing: it’s not for my motorcycle and it’s very expensive too.
Triumph street twin with bar end mirrors

My friend helped me out by introducing me to his friend, who just bought a new Ducati Scrambler. His bike also has a pair of bar end mirrors set up. Again, I asked him to come out for a test ride, even though I was a bit concerned if his mirror would be what I like.

However, from the first look at the Ducati Scrambler mirrors I know these are better than what I wanted. It’s a metal chassis rather than plastic!
Ducati scrambler cafe racer with bar end mirrors

Given the fact I was comparing these two mirrors, I decided to write down my views of comparison for those who might also want to search for a good pair of bar end mirrors.
Triumph vs Ducati bar end mirror comparison

1.Mirror rear view

Rear Veiw Comparison - Triumph vs Ducati bar end mirror

Both mirrors’ glass is big enough, both are Emark approved, and both provide a clear rear view. One thing worth mentioning here, Ducati is using convex lens, which provides a wider view than Triumph.

2.Mirror housing material

Material Comparison - Triumph vs Ducati bar end mirror

Triumph: painted plastic.
Ducati: sandblasting painted aluminum.

Triumph, really? All plastic except for the tiny piece surrounding the joint? Of course it wouldn't break your heart when the plastic housing gets scratched, but METAL is the way to go babe!

Or maybe, it's some kind of fancy plastic. I can't really tell...

Ducati: one-piece aluminum with sandblasting finish. This is fine matte texture and all about beautiful finish. Sandblasted is a very noticeable and coarse finish, with a slight grainy feel. I can feel this finish at the tip of my fingers and I definitely love it!

3.Stem and clamp

Stem Comparison - Triumph vs Ducati bar end mirror

Both are bar end locks, Triumph one has a shaped angle while Ducati is a sleek line.

I ended up buying the Ducati Scrambler mirrors direct online from KiWAV, these are from a mirror series called "Retro". Mirrors I bought from KiWAV motors - Triumph vs Ducati bar end mirror

I'm told that some models of Indian have the Retro bar end mirrors as their standard mirrors set up. Look at that! Looks like I share the similar taste with Ducati and Indian builders. ;p
Indian use the same bar end mirrors - Triumph vs Ducati bar end mirror
Indian use the same bar end mirrors - Triumph vs Ducati bar end mirror

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