What is the best replacement for Ducati LED mirror? Ducati mirror 1199 1299 comparison

Ducati mirror 1199 1299 comparison

What are the differences between Ducati Panigale mirrors 1299 and 1199? Can they replace each other? These are common questions we got from our customers.

So let’s find it out in following 6 parts:

  1. Glass
  2. Rubber gasket
  3. LED indicator light module and plug
  4. Mirror stem
  5. Adjustability
  6. Mounting hole distance



Side by side comparison:


  1. Glass
  2. Both use the same mirror glass, with the same latch on the back.

    Compare mirror glasses
    Left:1299, Right:1199


  3. Rubber gasket
  4. Different rubber gaskets, the whole design is different.

    Compare mirror rubber gasket
    Left:1299, Right:1199


  5. LED indicator light module and plug
  6. Both two mirrors have same Ducati connectors.

    Compare mirror glith module wire connector
    Left:1299, Right:1199


  7. Mirror stem
  8. The mirror stem of 1299 has a special design to match the motorcycle, and is much shorter than 1199.

    Compare mirror stems
    Up:1299, Down:1199


  9. Adjustability
  10. The mirror of 1199 has a foldable pivot point, which is quite nice for lane splitting and parking in a narrow space. 1299 doesn’t have any pivot point, but the one piece design makes it stronger by nature.

    Compare mirror adjustability
    Left:1299, Right:1199


  11. Mounting hole distance
  12. The mirrors of 1199 and 1299 cannot replace each other. Will not even bolt up.

    Panigale 1299: 32mm
    Panigale 1199: 42mm

    Compare mirror mounting hole distance
    Left:1299, Right:1199


OEM replacement mirrors:

If you are set on having a stock look,
For Ducati Panigale 959/1299: You can find the mirrors here.
For Ducati Panigale 899/1199: You can find the mirrors here.


Aftermarket mirrors suggestion:

If you want an upgrade, check out KiWAV-Magazi Lucifer LED mirrors. It can replace Ducati Panigale mirrors for both 1299 and 1199.

Lucifer LED mirrors with built in driving and turn signal lights , and the great build quality and brightness is equivalent to OEM.

Compare OEM with Lucifer mirrors
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