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What is the best replacement for Ducati LED mirror? Side by side mirrors comparision: Ducati stock mirror VS. KiWAV Lucifer LED mirror

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Lucifer mirrors and Ducati stock mirrors

  1. LED module
  2. The LED of Lucifer is slightly brighter.

    Compare mirror LED
    Left:Lucifer, Right:Ducati


  3. Size of lenses
  4. The styles are different but they are about the same size.

    Compare mirror glass
    Left:Lucifer, Right:Ducati


  5. Mirror stem
  6. Lucifer's stem is a bit longer than 1299's.

    Compare mirror glith module wire connector
    Left:Lucifer, Right:Ducati


  7. Mount
  8. Lucifer can be installed on many motorcycles because it has a flexible range of spacing for mounting from 20mm to 60mm.

    The spacing between 2 mounting points - Ducati 1199 mirror: 42mm. Ducati 1299 mirror: 32mm.

    Compare mirror glith module wire connector
    Left:1299 vs Lucifer, Right:1199 vs Lucifer
    Ducati 1299 stock mirror mounting space
    Ducati 1299
    Ducati 1199 stock mirror mounting space
    Ducati 1199
    Lucifer LED mirror mounting space - minimal
    Lucifer LED
    Lucifer LED mirror mounting space - maximum
    Lucifer LED


  9. Adjustment
  10. Lucifer LED mirrors adjustment

    he mirror glass cannot be adjusted but the mirror stem and the mirror housing can. The adjustable mirror stem and mirror housing give you a satisfied rear view angle.
    Note: Please Install the mirror onto your motorcycle and adjust to the desired position before taping the wire.

    Ducati stock mirrors adjustment

    1199 & 1299:
    The only way to adjust the mirrors is pushing the glass with your fingers and the angle is limited. That’s frustrating.


OEM replacement mirrors suggestion?

If you are set on having a stock look,
For Ducati Panigale 959/1299: You can find the mirrors here.
For Ducati Panigale 899/1199: You can find the mirrors here.


What is the difference between mirrors of Ducati panigale 1299/959 and 1199/899?

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