What is the best replacement for BMW motorcycle mirror? Product review: Lucifer (neat stem) motorcycle mirrors, the best set of aftermarket mirrors for BMW motorcycles

BMW stock mirrors & KiWAV Lucifer mirrors comparison

If you own a BMW motorcycle (F700GS, F650GS, F800GS, F800R, G650GS, S1000R), the bike is satisfying on everything, but one day you want to change the outlook a little bit with your personal style and still has great functionality, you will love this product: Lucifer mirrors (neat stem version) from KiWAV International Inc,.  

The Stems

Lucifer (neat stem version) can reduce mirror vibration effectively even at high speed thanks to its robust and thick enough aluminum stem.

The stem makes the mirror sit taller and reach further (230mmx250mm) that allows you actually see the traffic behind rather than just your elbow! While the BMW stock mirror is only 170mm tall and 245mm wide.

The Lens

And has a bigger size of mirror glass with more convex than BMW's to increase visible area.

Other Detail

Stem outter diameter: 12mm
Total length: 245mm
Mirror glass length: 135mm
Adjustment: a ball joint to swivel the mirror plate

Stem outter diameter: 13mm
Total length: 250mm
Mirror glass length: 170mm
Adjustment: a ball joint to swivel the mirror plate

LED turn signal / running light

Most importantly, it has an integrated LED turn signal / running light! It will get more attention on you from other road users.

Suitable on these BMW model: F700GS, F650GS, F800GS, F800R, G650GS, S1000R

OEM replacement mirrors:

If you are set on having a stock look, You can find the mirrors here.

Aftermarket mirrors suggestion:

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