How to photograph a motorcycle? (Part II)

KiWAV tutorial: 4 Tips for shooting stunning photos for your bike

Tip 3: Creative compositions

<3/4 beauty shot>

Shoot the front three-quarters of the bike from the right-hand side (kickstand away from you) to add depth to the image.

KiWAV tutorial: 3/4 beauty shot KiWAV tutorial: composition

The quintessential 3/4 beauty shot. All vehicles are flattered by this angle. Thumb through most motorcycle magazines and you’ll notice there is hardly a single bike in straight profile.

No matter where you’re shooting, one key to decent motorcycle photography is making sure you position the bike at a 3/4 angle from the camera. Thumb through the magazine and you’ll notice we hardly ever shoot a single bike in straight profile. The 3/4 angle achieves many things, including elimination of hot spots (bright flares of sunlight) on the chrome and reflections of the photographer. A 3/4 angle is flattering to motorcycles and condenses them into a more solid, aggressive posture by eliminating see-through space, without losing any detail. You can also crop more closely at this angle so the bike or bike and rider better fill the frame. Shot from either the rear or the front, a bike at a 3/4 angle is going to look more attractive than it does in profile.

The center of an image is a stable, straightforward place. When you put something there visually, it stays there visually, usually resulting in a static composition.

<Symmetrical shot>

Depending upon the scene – symmetry can be something to go for – or to avoid completely.
A symmetrical shot with strong composition and a good point of interest can lead to a striking image – but without the strong point of interest it can be a little predictable.

KiWAV tutorial: symmetry shot-1
KiWAV tutorial: prevnet to use a plain, no texture wall KiWAV tutorial: motorcycle in front of a rusted iron wall, full of texture

Tip 4: Shoot angles

Get It Up. Or Down: The best shots will also incorporate a little shift in perspective to make them stand out.

The photographer will either squat and shoot up, making the bike look more imposing, or he or she will stand on something for that ever-impressive “into” angle. A 3/4 angle shot from a ladder with the afternoon sun lighting the bike is an absolutely perfect recipe for motorcycle and owner portraits.

KiWAV tutorial: Shoot angle up-1
KiWAV tutorial: Shoot angle up-2 KiWAV tutorial: Shoot angle up-3
KiWAV tutorial: Shoot angle down

Hope the tips are helpful! Do submit photos to us if you feel like sharing! We will show them off for you on our facebook page! (if you have our mirrors or parts installed, we might even use them in our ads!)

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